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CPC on Facebook

3 Ways to Decrease Your CPC on Facebook

CPC On Facebook


If you want to enhance your RIO (return on investment), you have to decrease your CPC. In this case, you need to search for optimization ways to do that. In this blog, we will provide the 3 most important tips to lower your CPC on Facebook. 

What is CPC on Facebook? 

CPC, known as the cost per click on Facebook, shows you the amount of money you spend on each link click. Also, you can evaluate and analyze the efficiency of your Facebook ads by costt per click. Your company decides your standard CPC. 

Know Your Relevance Score to Lower CPC on Facebook

CPC on Facebook

It is important to understand your relevance score since it impacts Facebook Ads CPC. The relevance score ranges from 1 to 10 and enables you to know how appropriate an advertisement is for the audience. For example, if the relevance score is 1, this indicates that the ad is not appropriate for your target audience. Indeed, the score increases when there is positive feedback from the audience. 

Make Sure to Target Specific Audience

CPC on Facebook

In order to decrease your CPC, you need to target a certain audience. Besides, when you know the target audience very well, you can build a suitable marketing campaign. Also, this is useful because you can reduce competition from other companies that aim at reaching the same audience. 

Use Retargeting and Conversion Tracking

CPC on Facebook

You can decrease the cost per click on Facebook through conversion tracking. Additionally, conversion tracking determines your ROI and enables you to drive more leads from Facebook ads


To sum up, taking into consideration the above ways can help you increase your conversions. Our leading digital marketing agency produces high quality content and achieves successful results. Contact us

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