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Instagram Trends 2022

Latest Instagram Trends in 2022

Instagram Trends 2022

Digital platforms are always in progress. Moreover, the knowledge of recent trends on Instagram enables marketers to build a successful marketing strategy. Get caught up into the recent Instagram trends to stand out among your competitors! Indeed, Instagram is flooded with hot trends and it has thousands of users. Additionally, it has a key role in the development of brand awareness. Discover the latest Instagram trends in  2022. 

Instagram Trends 2022-The New Dance!

Instagram has dominated the digital world with its new trends. The emergence of the new dance with music creates an excitement within users to watch it many times.For example, dance challenges enable users to start with it on their own. This shows that they are highly engaged.

Instagram Trends 2022- IGTV

Storytelling is important when deciding to post a video. This is done by creating attractive and creative content. Moreover, the presence of IGTV enables users to post a long video up to 60 minutes. What is interesting about it is that users can see feed videos and IGTV videos through one tab. Therefore, you can find fresh video content easily! 

Discover the Long Live Reels!

Reels are at the forefront of Instagram! In addition, they are short videos up to 60 seconds that allow users to create engaging videos with interactive captions, stickers and other features. Additionally, you can share reels to the instagram story so that you will get more views. Then, if a marketer wants to increase the presence of his brand on Instagram, he can use reels.

Trendy Instagram Feature: Add Yours!

“Add yours” is a trending sticker that appears in the users’ stories. In this way, you can create your own theme and share it with your story. After clicking on it, you will go to a collaborative album. Moreover, it develops your business in a way that your followers can customize and share it.


To sum up, boost social media! You can generate leads through Instagram Stories as well. All in all, our digital marketing team at GoBird is always updated to the new trends! Contact Us!

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