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LinkedIn Advertising: 4 Reasons to Advertise on LinkedIn in 2022

LinkedIn is the ideal platform where B2B marketers use LinkedIn advertising to build brand awareness and boost lead generation. In fact, it is the most professional platform that all businesses use to grow in the advertising world. Our blog includes the 4 reasons to advertise on LinkedIn in 2022.

LinkedIn Advertising: Targeting a Precise Audience

What makes LinkedIn stand out from other advertising channels is that it enables audience segmentation uniquely. For example, it allows you to collect more professional data such as the company name, educational level, job titles, and more.

LinkedIn Advertising: Excellent Retargeting 

There are many remarketing and retargeting choices on LinkedIn. They have various kinds of audiences, and this helps you re-engage your audience after they have interacted with your products or services. This enables you to re-impact them with a customized message based on their position in the funnel. For example, there is website retargeting that enables you to gather cookies from those who visit your website through your LinkedIn campaigns. Additionally, there is contact targeting that allows you to import your data source of leads or customer email addresses so that you can contact them on LinkedIn.

Interesting LinkedIn Ad Templates

Unlike other targeting platforms, the LinkedIn platform gives you a high possibility of discovering your audience’s interests. There are various types of LinkedIn ads. For example, there are the sponsored ads that appear on the users’ feed: carousel ads; text ads; video ads; message ads; and conversation ads. These ads attract the audience’s attention. 

Outstanding quality leads

LinkedIn allows businesses to know the motives of the decision makers when visiting a specific website or social media platform. In addition, you can find a professional environment on LinkedIn, in contrast to other social media platforms like Facebook, where there is a social presence mainly for friends and family.


All in all, the above reasons are important to let you advertise on LinkedIn and reach your target audience at the right time. Use our expertise to elevate your business!

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