Google Shopping Ads


Google Shopping Ads Services

Our mission is to provide smart Google Shopping Ads to let you increase your profits when visitors buy your products. In addition, what we care about is to do research to discover more about your type of work and search for your competitors. Indeed, our team of experts create a unique design for your products.  Additionally, our priority is to bring a flood of traffic for your website when customers click on the Shopping Ad. It is important to note that we give keen attention to the revenues that you will get at any time a visitor clicks on the Ad. Therefore, you are in safe hands! Also, our core value focuses on the optimization of your Google Shopping Ads in a perfect way and reporting the obtained results of our work.

Approach to a Successful Google Shopping Ads Campaign

Google Shopping Ads

Discovery and Research

In order to discover your business, we’ll search about it. Indeed, upon structuring your Shopping campaign, we will discover your competitors. We will understand which products bring more sales.

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping Feed Configuration

For a successful Google Shopping Campaign, your product feed should be authentic and optimized. As a digital marketing agency, we will manage and optimize your product feed to ensure high conversions.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics Integration allows you to know your visitors’ interactions with your website. Hence, we will track your customers’ interests and make sure that we achieved your business progressing goals.
Google Shopping Ads

Conversion Tracking

It is not only about the number of ad clicks, you have also to look at the revenues from the campaign.Thus, we ensure that you will get conversion tracking properly.
Product Segmentation
We value product segmentation to allow you convey the right message for the interested audience in your brand. The beneficial segmentation of your targets maximizes your sales for your campaign.
Budget and Bidding
When you decide to launch your campaign, you have to set a budget. Our professional team will control your bids in a smart way to confirm high traffic and less payments.

Ongoing Optimization

Ongoing optimization for your Shopping Campaign is our team‘s priority. So make sure that we optimize your product segmentation, bids, and shopping feed. Indeed, our aim is to generate new marketing strategies to increase your leads.