Terms and Conditions

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As a trusted digital marketing agency, the client provides you with the suitable authorization to set up and design the client’s new accounts and to get a general idea about the previous accounts and logins. Indeed, as a leading services provider, you are given the complete authority to access other third- party accounts or other websites that the client would like you to browse in order to get images, videos, texts, audiosa and other worthy information that plays a key role in the progress of the services.

Data Received from Client

Links and Texts

For sure, all links are approved by the client. Thus, when the client provides us with links, we are not responsible for other not approved and verified lions to serve the client. External links are provided to take you to outside of the client’s website to get a thorough understanding about the products. Furthermore, the client should supply the service provider with the appropriate and clear texts in electronic forms.

Photography, Video, Audios, and Copyright

The client will provide you with audios, photography, and videos. If the service provider visits the client’s place of business for taking photographs or videos, the client should provide him payment after all. In addition, the client provides protection for the service provider for any costs if any problem happens with him. The client should be responsible about the content and the service provider will not be responsible for any loss of the content.

Terms of Payment

The client will provide in advance payment for all provided services. After that, our digital marketing agency team will get access and approval from the client and initiate the flow of the work. The starting date and the timeline will be negotiated. After the completion of the work development, the client will pay the final payment. Moreover, if there are payment problems, the client should contact the services provider directly.

Reconmpensation for the Client

Our professional team will provide optimum services for the client. On the other hand, pop ups may suddenly emerge by the client and he may ask for certain modifications that may stand as obstacles in front of the specified content.